[plug] Sendmail Stalling On Bootup --- Not Again!

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Thu Oct 19 08:47:48 WST 2000

Mark Bailey wrote:
> I am having the old Sendmail stalling on boot up
> problem.

> My machine has stated stalling again but my /etc/hosts file
> is already structured as suggested above.

> Anyone have any idea what else may be causing it.

Your BIND (named) is down? ``ps ax | grep named'' and have a look. Check also
that yor /etc/resolv.conf points to the correct nameserver and includes the
correct domain in the search list or domain keyword.

Or possibly an address changed and some software like SendMail or BIND has a
hard-wired address in it.

When you next consider updating SendMail, think about switching to PostFix,
which is reasonably compatible, much more secure, and generally simpler to
administer and productive of more informative error messages.

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