[plug] vmware

wvovil at fundi.com.au wvovil at fundi.com.au
Mon Oct 23 14:53:53 WST 2000


To further explain, maybe vmware is not what I should be using. My aim is to be
running LINUX as MY day to day OS. Unfortuneately I have a professional
requirement to run some software due to client relations. For example due to
this I use Lotus Notes R5 as my email client, connected by ethernet card to my
client's server. I believe that I should be able to run Notes under Linux with
Wine. I also require IBM 3270 connectivity (I think Netscape may provide this, I
think it did a few years ago). I need also to run a few IBM bits of software;
but most of these have Linux versions anyway. What I want is to be able to ditch
Windows and run Linux and be able to access the above products from my linux
system. Any suggestions???


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