[plug] Purely GNU? Where from?- New subscriber says hi.

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Mon Oct 30 02:26:29 WST 2000

On Sat, Oct 28, 2000 at 11:08:57PM +0800, A&N  SLUIK wrote:
> Can anyone suggest where I can purchase a purely GNU
> Linux O/S? I'm running a RH 6.2 and would like to give it the flick.
> Perhaps I am being picky, yet all I need is the really basic O/S that I can use to build from, my RH cd has everything else I would need; pine, ftp, etc, etc.

Debian (debian.org). It's a packaged based system: you can install as 
much or as little as you like. Its real name is "Debian/GNU Linux". 
Perth mirror ftp sites: ftp.it.net.au, ftp.uwa.edu.au. Find the 
directory called "dists/woody/main/disks-i386/current/images-1.44/". 
Download all *.bin files. Get the 
"dists/woody/main/disks-i386/current/dosutils/" directory and get rawrite* 
down. Put all of this on your windows computer. Get a set of floppy disks. 
Read rawrite.txt.

OK, you can be smarter and load various bits off the network, but if 
all else fails, these disks will give you a usable system. You can then 
learn about "apt" for automatic download and installs.

If you can't be bothered with leaving these images downloading overnight, 
then by all means see walnutcreek.com or even the Debian.org pages and 
find a vendor. It's OK if it is out of date: you can easily upgrade, 
but for ease of use, find a CD with "Potato" (the current stable release), 
or go with Woody, the current development version (for the uninitiated, 
these are from the movie Toy Story).

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