[plug] TAR & MT

Earnshaw, Mike earnshawm at wa.switch.aust.com
Tue Oct 31 13:25:33 WST 2000


I have just had that unfriendly feeling that my backups have not been
working and someone wants something recovering ... %^(

I normally run a simply script ...

tar .... fs1
tar .... fs2
tar .... fs3

My idea being that I could then use the mt command to step through these
"tars" to the one I want to recover something. I just tried a mt -f
/dev/st0 fsf 2 to get to the second tar file and it gives I/O error.

How can I verify that I have the three tar files on the tape, using tar
I only can seem to find a way of listing the contents of the first tar
file, not the number of tar files on the tape. I have that sinking
feeling I have been using a rewind option without being aware of it.


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