[plug] Fw: I am so sorry!Your hosts was hacked!

David Griffiths griffith at environ.wa.gov.au
Tue Apr 10 11:31:52 WST 2001

Steve wrote:
>Also was it rootshell.com that were hacked about 12/24 months ago
>despite the fact that the only services they had running were apache,
>qmail and ssh?  I can't recall if they ever determined which the guilty
>service was though ssh was the main suspect.  Came as quite a shock to
>me at the time as I was running those services and more on a box I
>would've sworn was 'impenetrable'. :)

There was an interesting article in last Tuesday's Australian computer
pages in which one of the security gurus (FBI I think) and ex cracker was
quoted as saying it costs a _huge_ amount to properly secure a site
(presumably doing sensitive business transactions) from skilled hackers
($50 mill rings a bell).

Most companies simply can't afford to do it and even biggies are hacked (eg
one of UK's top 4 banks) probably thinking that they are secure.

The article had a credit card focus and it scared the heck out of me, just
about to apply for my first credit card. Scary stuff included struggling
businesses selling up for big dollars to Russian mafia type groups who are
just interested in the CC databases. Doesn't matter how good a company's
firewall is if they are selling it to the black hats :-)


Dave G.

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