[plug] telnet access in Red Hat 6.1

Dennis Plester dennisp at tiwest.com.au
Wed Apr 18 15:15:52 WST 2001

Scott said:

"	Perhaps your server has been compromised????

	It is all I can think of when you say you made no changes to the
machine whatsoever. 

	Are you sure you didnt change anything, not even installing
something????? "

I've been thinking the same thing!!!!!!!!  I am sure that nothing has been
installed, or changed. The PC is question does not have a floppy drive, or a
CDROM, only a HDD!!!!!!!!!!!! I installed RH in the first place using a
CDROM, then removed the drive.

(I think Scott's multiple ??????? are getting contagious!!!!!!!!!!!)


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