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Paul Day bonfire at bur.st
Fri Apr 27 11:59:21 WST 2001

13w3 is a proprietry standard for video used mainly by Sun and SGI for
their workstations (ie, not commonly found on PCs which generally use
HD15 plugs). It has 3 mini-coax plugs and 10 small-pins and generally uses
different syncs and refresh rates.


On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Simon Scott wrote:

> 	What the hell is 13W3????
> 	From:	Matt Kemner <zombie at wasp.net.au> on 27-04-2001 11:39 AM
> 	Please respond to plug at plug.linux.org.au@SMTP at Exchange
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> 	cc:
> 	Subject:	[plug] Spark
> 	...is back.
> 	My apologies for the delay.. Everytime I thought I had it working
> again,
> 	it wouldn't - and the main problem is the fact my only 13W3 monitor
> is
> 	usually on my desk, and spark lodges in the server room, so to
> diagnose
> 	any problems requires either lugging spark to my desk (which I did
> 	yesterday, and discovered it wanted root password and manual fsck)
> and
> 	back, or lugging the heavy 21" 13W3 monitor to the server room,
> which I
> 	ended up doing Today afted discovering that although spark seemed
> quite
> 	happy running on my desk, it didn't seem to boot back up when
> plugged back
> 	into it's usual location.
> 	Of course as luck would have it, when I plugged the monitor in and
> 	rebooted to see what was wrong, it booted straight in no fuss.
> 	 - Matt(I need one of them mini forklift trucks)
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