[plug] Help with spam

Brian Tombleson brian at paradigmit.com.au
Tue Jul 24 22:34:28 WST 2001

You are probably open to relay.

Have a look here: http://mail-abuse.org/tsi/ar-test.html and test your
system by following the instructions.

You didn't include your sendmail version in your question, but if you
upgrade to a more recent version of sendmail (8.9 or above) it will have
relaying denied by default.  This is recommended.

Check out www.sendmail.org (particularly the FAQ and the "Tips & Hints' at
the bottom) - It's all worth the read.

Hope this helps.
- Brian.

From: "Evan Lau" <evanlau at tartarus.uwa.edu.au>
> Hi guys,
> I'm trying to figure out some spamming issues with our mail server. In the
> sendmail log, the following two lines are just an example of what's going
> on:
> Jul 24 14:05:33 zeus sendmail[618]: OAA00618: from=www, size=1484,
> pri=
> 601484, nrcpts=20, msgid=<200107240605.OAA00618 at zeus.starwon.com.au>,
> relay=www at localhost

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