[plug] Logical partition...

Craig Foster fostware at iinet.net.au
Tue Jul 31 22:42:05 WST 2001

DOS / Windows should only read from the first primary partition. It is
probably best to set it up thus:-

Primary 1 - Linux
Primary 2 - Windows 98
Primary 3 - Linux Swap
Logical	1 - Extended 1 - Shared Data

It's a sad fact of early eighties thinking. Also Partition Magic will
allow multiple primaries, whereas fdisk will warn you...

As for a better file system, ReiserFS seems to be winning the most
applause, but I think Mandrake and Suse are the only mainstream
distributions to have it available at installation time. A patch, while
very educational, may seem too hard.


Craig Foster

On 31 Jul 2001 22:11:16 +0800, Shoobs wrote:
    I have a 40G HDD, and it is has two FAT32 partitions. The first
    which is the "Active" one is for storage of documents etc. The
    second has a copy of Win98SE on it, which is for my dad who cannot
    and refuses to use linux. When i try to create a logical drive with
    two logical volumes in it (swap and ext2) at the end of the drive,
    my computer will not read from the second FAT32 drive which has
    Win98 on it. I want to use a logical volumes because I am planning
    on doing a Linux From Scratch. I wan this LFS on primary partitions.
    Can anyone tell me why this is happening??? I am using Partition
    Magic Pro 6.0. Also, what is a good file system to use in my LFS???
    I have heard that there are other file systems that a better to
    ext2, and i would like to try them.....


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