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Simon Scott simon.scott at flexiplan.com
Fri Jun 1 11:55:45 WST 2001

	Security is a process, not a program.....

	This doesnt mean 'Linux Firewalls' are not secure, and other $400
win-nt based firewall is cos you pay for it.

	No firewall is 100% secure. Ever. Get over it.

	Security is a process where you minimise risks and weigh up risk v
costs (ie costs of securing, costs of a breach). You can improve security
with a few simple firewall rules, but if someone really wants to get in they

	For many people, security is of minimal importance, as the cost of
cleaning up a breach is far less than the cost of continually keeping on top
of everything. I guess for most people, a simple firewall and switching off
unused services suffices.

	If you have super-important military data on the net, your cost/risk
model may change :) 

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	> Hello, Each!
	> Can you guys stop scaring me (a Linux newbie) and convince me that
a Linux
	> firewall I want to install is going to be secure?

	You want us to lie?

	Firewalls don't make things secure.   When properly configured by
	someone who knows what they are doing and understands the issues,
	minimise certain security risks.  They help a lot but they're
	near a panacea.

	Anyone who says to you "We use [SSL|SSH|OpenBSD|Firewalls|<insert
	security technology you care to mention] so that means we're secure"
	either lying to you or doesn't understand security at all.

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