[plug] IP Masquerade problem

Mark marks at omninet.net.au
Sat Jun 2 19:11:47 WST 2001

Hi all

Have been using IP Masquerade on my dial up machine to allow a second
linux machine access to http services.
I would like to extend this but have a basic problem   with my existing
setup I still can't resolve.

My gate way or IP Masquerade machine is setup as  the other

My ISP uses a proxy server.  If I set up the proxy options in the client
box using IP numbers

ie  http services work. If I use the DNS equivalent it
won't proxy.omninet.net.au 

Like wise using ping ftp etc. If I ping an adress using its IP number it
works but not its named equivalent.

Is there a service I am not running or a config file I've missed. 


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