[plug] how do i mount fat32 partitions that aren't primary?

John Knight anarchist_tomato at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 5 10:14:56 WST 2001

sorry about that, i used another solution in the end. i stuck on me old 
distro and got the fstab file from it, stuck it on disk, made the necessary 
adjustments. thanks anyway!
anarchist tomato

> > i can get my c drive to mount but it gives me an error for other fat32
> > partitions. my /dev settings are correct, it just doesn't like 'em 
> > it's extended or something.
>What error?  What command are you using to mount them?  Do you have
>entries do you have in /etc/fstab relating to these filesystems?  Which
>user are you running the command as?  Basically, you haven't given
>anywhere near enough info!
> > also, my brother wants to know if there is a way (or utility to use)we 
> > get .rm files to play as we get an error saying it's for the wrong
> > architecture. we are running redhat 7.1 on an amd k6-2 500
>What is giving you the error?  I'm assuming you're trying to use
>DSA 0x0EC1D28C: BBCB 0D79 4EBB 078A A066  7267 8BED E9D6 0EC1 D28C

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