[plug] Linux PPC

Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Fri Jun 8 09:48:47 WST 2001

I have just purchased a pair of powermacs to play with, and I'm trying
to install Debian/PPC on them.
I'm getting SCSI errors that are driving me nuts, anyone have experience
with linux on PPC macs?
I have linux running on my 68k macs with no problems, but these PPC's are
driving me nuts.

In case it matters, they are 7300/180Mhz machines
604e Processors.
I'm trying the latest 2.2.19 kernel and the older 2.2.18-pre kernels and
they all give me the same faults.

Nice machines though. A lot faster than the old 68k one :p)

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