[plug] GNOME desktop icons look wrong

Beau Kuiper kuiperba at cs.curtin.edu.au
Fri Jun 8 14:15:21 WST 2001

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Paul Dean wrote:

> Hya,
> At 09:30 PM 7/06/2001 +0800, you wrote:
> >
> >My GNOME 1.0 desktop icons look like this
> ><http://malcolm.wattle.id.au/gnome-desktop.jpg>.  I'm running X 4.0.1 svga
> >server on a Neomagic chipset.  Has anyone seen anything like it?  Any
> >suggestions?
> I haven't played around to much with gnome, as I prefer enlightenment, but
> it looks like a icon size problem.
> Have a look in your control-panel to see if there is a size setting for icons.
> Also what res are you running at, looks like 640x480, big icons, menu bar
> etc...

Ouch, 640x480 is really, really painful under X. I would run it at least
in 1024x768 (even on a 15 inch monitor)

Beau Kuiper
kuiperba at cs.curtin.edu.au

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