[plug] linux only system - need advice

Bernard Blackham bernard at blackham.com.au
Sat Jun 9 17:47:28 WST 2001

On Sat, 9 Jun 2001, itmail wrote:
> Firstly my printer - Epson Stylus Colour 580 ***USB ONLY*** (I wasn't 
> thinking straight when I bought this) how do I use this? (current kernel is 
> 2.2.18 but I will upgrade to SuSE 7.2 and kernel 2.4.4 as soon as this is 
> released) how do I use this? if at all possible?

http://www.linuxprinting.org/ leads you to
http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=607474 which says the
printer is "partially" supported (ie it's not that great)... Could be
worth selling it off. Before getting another, check linuxprinting.org

> DIgital Camera - I have a Kodak DC 3200, is it possible to use this through 
> the connection supplied (serial cable) or do I need to buy a Compact Flash 
> Card reader? Im thinking of doing this anyway but a temporary solution would 
> mean I could kill windows sooner

Easy! gphoto. @ www.gphoto.net supports it.

> As for applications, does anyone know of any Linux Equivilents to Visio and 
> Powerpoint (im sure something compatible with powerpoint is available I am 
> however a bit more scepticle about visio)

Been previously mentioned by others.
Also KPresenter, part of KOffice is around. I've never used it so I can't
recommend it disapprove it.



 Bernard Blackham
 bernard at blackham.com.au

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