[plug] (OT) RSI?

Simon Scott simon.scott at flexiplan.com
Mon Jun 11 09:05:58 WST 2001

	Yes, this sounds like RSI...

	Welcome to the club. You aint a real programmer til you have wrist
problems.... Mine have been aching for about 5 years now, I just ignore it
and get on with my life. Besides, with crohn's disease, a wrist ache is the
least of my problems :) 

	Seriously, why not ask a doctor???

	From:	Andrew Francis <locust at iinet.net.au> on 10-06-2001 07:19 PM
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	Subject:	[plug] (OT) RSI?

	Hi all

	This is offtopic and I'm probably just being paranoid, however I'm
	rather anxious so I figured I'd ask... is anyone listening
	familiar with the symptoms of RSI?

	Ever since I bashed in a far chunk of code for an assignment in the
	hours before it was due, about 10 days ago, I've had a dull ache in
	right wrist. It was very minor at first, in fact I didn't notice it
	of the time, however it's gotten tangibly worse over the last 48
	hours. Typing doesn't seem to make it any worse (I'm avoiding it
	though, just to be on the safe side) however clicking the left
button on
	my mouse seems to agitate it - on a couple of occasions I received a
	of 'shooting pain' up my forearm.

	In addition, my right wrist is 'popping' quite a bit when I swivel
	around (like when you crack your knuckles).

	I was going to go visit my GP a at the end of the week (I have two
	on Wed and one on Thurs, and eery second beforehand counts...)
	after a quick google search I'm surrounded by horror stories; of
	the not-quite-so-horrible stories never make it onto webpages :) And
	the most part the pains experienced seem to be described as
	worse than mine. Still, I'm beginning to think visiting the GP
	might be an idea.

	Has anyone had experience with relatively *minor* wrist pains, or
RSI in
	general? Am I risking my health significantly by putting in 10 hours
	study/writing betwen now and visiting the GP?

	And as a result of this little scare, I think I'm going to try and
	my ergonomics..

	Any ideas or feedback anyone might have to offer would be

	Cheers :)

	Andrew Francis
	locust at iinet.net.au

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