[plug] Video card IRQs

Craig Foster fostware at iinet.net.au
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Check your CMOS (usually near Advanced or PCI configuration) for an option
to set whether or not video gets an IRQ. Also remember that most
mainboards share IRQs on AGP and PCI Slot 1. No they don't need one, but
without them - it's coffee time...

For speed check AGP speed (x1,x2,x4) and AGP Apeture (1/4 x RAM or Video
Card Memory, which ever is higher) and the boards capabilities.
I know that the ET6000 was very optimised for XFree86 3.x.x - it was the
card to have in those days... It may well run just as well on XFree86 4
Which particular motherboard is it?

Craig Foster

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Hi all,

Does anyone know what the state of play should be regarding video cards
and IRQs?  In particular, should they have one, what do they use it for
exactly and what happens if they don't have one?

On virtually all the other Linux systems that I've used, Linux has
reported through /proc/pci that the video card has a particular
interrupt.  However, this system I'm using now doesn't.  The system's
graphics performance is also woefully slow and I'm wondering if these
two things are related.  I've had a quick fiddle in the BIOS but have
been unable to get the card to start using an interrupt.  The card is a
S3 Trio3D AGP (4 meg) and runs *much* slower than a Tseng Labs ET6000 (2
meg) card on another much slower machine.  Both are running XFree86 4.

Anyone with any ideas?



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