[plug] Any cheap PCI vid cards s/h ?

Bill Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Thu Jun 14 07:19:50 WST 2001

Yes its built in.  It uses 8MB of the main memory.  OpenGL gears gives
30-35 fps on opening (whatever size that is) and 3-5 fps at 1024x768.
According to what I can see at xfree86.org, the driver has only basic
settings and is really not suitable for any thing like video at more
than postage stamp size.  I have been trying a few second hand shops for
alternatives, but PCI cards are scarce (no AGP slot, even though the
builtin uses an agp channel).  I have an old 4MB S3 virge which was
faster out of the box in this machine, but unfortuantely that is in
another PC now.  It did come with what sounded like quite sophisticated
windoze drivers (which I never tried), but Linux support has turned out
as basic.  In the meantime it gives me something to winge about!, and
next time I will know a bit more about which video card I will be use.


On 13 Jun 2001 22:58:36 +0800, John Knight wrote:
> No, not built in! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Dieeeeeeeeee!
> If a cheap pci card that supports OpenGL is what is in question then that's 
> a rather tall order as OpenGL drivers were seen as an "added bonus" when 3D 
> cards were first coming out. I haven't had any experience with the AGP 
> version but I know that the pci card had good mpeg decoding (quite good for 
> divx) and runs decently on my mate's 133.
> If it was utterly slow, are you referring to a 2 Mb version or using old 
> drivers? This would give you quite a significant performance hit, but the 
> first Linux installation I got running was using one and it ran quite well.
> anarchist tomato
> >
> >and if anything like my sis based builtintoMB sis chipset - utterly
> >hopeless under Linux because the drivers are so basic - the 3d support,
> >acceleration, opengl etc are not supported by the Linux drivers.
> >Display looks OK and is reliable, but terribly slow.  I have also seen
> >some (2 poss 3) dud 6326 add on cards that were duds.
> >
> >BillK
> >

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