[plug] redir in inetd

The Thought Assassin assassin at live.wasp.net.au
Fri Jun 15 23:52:34 WST 2001

Jon: Your lines don't seem to be wrapping. Makes replying hard. :(

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Jon  Miller wrote:
> We run redid in Annette

That is a truly memorable piece of spell-checking.

> and for the life of me cannot seem to get the performance out of it as
> it should.  Seems what we run through this runs either really slow or
> not at all, yet when we run the command from command line it runs great.

You're probably going to have to define slow. Slow startup? High latency?
Low bandwidth? Burstiness? How're you measuring/experiencing the slowdown?


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