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James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Sat Jun 16 01:39:23 WST 2001

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 11:15:45PM +0800, Simon Collins wrote:
> Under Telstra's flat rate ADSL plans the "Acceptable Use Policy" says that 
> you cannot set-up a connection for a LAN... Only one computer can be 
> connected at a time.  How would Telstra know if you had a LAN going or not??  
> The IP masquerading feature in Linux would make it look like only one machine 
> was connected.

Check the mailing list archives. You can't put multiple real IP addresses. 
The install has to happen onto a Windows box so their installers can 
sign off on it. After that, its up to you. You dont get any support from 
Tel$tra if you change anything, but hey, if your thinking of doing this, 
you can probably support yourself. NAT / IP Masq is supported; Tel$tra 
has some private internal newsgroups; one is for Linux. Don't make it 
'officially' known to them, and there is no problem.

They can tell what OS you have connected. See the 'nmap' tool. 

Indeed, use nmap yourself to probe the public IP address on your linux box. 
Run as *little* as possible. There are many reports of people being scanned 
and probed for exploits (but typically only for Windows holes,  smb shares 
accidentally left on, etc).

Not that I know, of course. This is all just 'apparently'. I have this 
friend who did this... ;)


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