[plug] New to Linux

Simon Scott simon.scott at flexiplan.com
Wed Jun 20 09:09:53 WST 2001

	a) Depends on the emulator. WINE is for windows programs, and can be
a little tricky to setup. VICE is another I use to emulate a commodore 64.
There is also UAE which is supposedly very good at emulating Amigas. You run
an emulator the same way as you would any other program. However, for things
like wine, you have to pass the program so if I wanna run windows notepad
(Id have to be desperate!) Id type "wine /mnt/windows/windows/notepad.exe"
after making sure Id configured wine to have /mnt/windows as my C:. (by the
way, /mnt/windows is an actual win98 partition, I dual boot)

	Over all, you are probably better off looking for Linux
alternatives. There are very few categories where linux cannot provide
something as good if not better than windows. It is only when you *really*
want to run a certain windows program that youd bother with wine.

	b) Good sources of Linux info - The number 1 source would have to be
the Linux Documentation Project at www.linuxdoc.org. Here you will find a
wealth of info, most useful would have to be the HOWTOs. Youll see a lot
about HOWTOs around, basically they are step by step guides to getting
things done. Also check out the Guides, these are larger documents like
books etc.... Im sure you could find something here to give you the basics.
Possibly there is even info on setting up emulators, but I dunno.

	Have fun!

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	Hi Guys

	Ok how do I run software though emulators, also please advise good
source of
	info for operating linux

	As you can tell I am currently using the old trial and error


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