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James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Wed Jun 20 21:59:00 WST 2001

On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 09:38:11PM +0800, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> Kai wrote:
> > try mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
> Or just use mtools which doesn't require kernel filesystem support.  man
> mtools.

Phase 1: Find out which filesystems you can use:

cat /proc/filesystems

Phase 2: If you need some more FSs, look in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/, then 
find a directory called either "fs" or "drivers", and "modprobe <name>" 
to load a module so you can use the filesystem that it implements. Repeat 
phase 1 if you wish.

Phase 3: mount -t <fstype as seen in phase 1> <device> <mount point>.

Phase 4: profit!

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