[plug] Redhat vs Debian-internet - gateway to dialup internet on modem

daniel at iinet.net.au daniel at iinet.net.au
Fri Jun 22 01:34:30 WST 2001

Hi Joel and the rest of PLUG - For a firewall for me 'just above beginner' 
I have discounted both Debian and RH. The perfection of Debian's apt-get is 
outweighed by my not knowing how to set up a firewall specific solution, 
and the risk of my stuffing up.

I thought it best for me to go for an integrated firewall specific distro 
such as:
Smoothwall, Immunix, Engarde, ClarkConnect,  Astaro (Kernel 2.4 gives the 
added iptables, but it seems conservative solutions are staying away from 
2.4 until it has more exposure) and
MandrakeSingleNetworkFirewall"SNF" (tried: Installed easily, but no 
documentation found on site, so setup not complete)

Ideally for me - a solution with easy setup, documentation, ongoing 
development, security updates, and an active and accessible user 
base.  It's difficult to find all this stuff out.  So far MandrakeSNF might 
be my choice if the lack of documentation can be overcome.  Any other ideas?
At 17:58 20/06/2001 -0700, Joel Fraser <joel231 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>I would like to know which is a better Redhat or Debian for setting up a
>internet gateway to dialup to the internet on a modem

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