[plug] Dual boot

Jason Belcher jas at whatever.iinet.net.au
Tue Jun 26 15:31:28 WST 2001

Dwight Jackson wrote:

>I have FINALLY installed RH7.1 and now what to be able to use both WIN98
>and LINUX. I can't seem to boot into windows even though lilo can see
>the windows boot drive. The system just beeps at me when I try to boot
>into Windows.
>I checked the lilo.conf file and it reads for windows boot
>            optional
>            label="WIN98"
>            unsafe
>under that there's
>            root="/dev/hda10"
>            append="hdd=ide-scsi"
>Still very new to red hat but I thought dual booting was pretty simple.
>Is theere something I need to do with the conf file??
I think all you need to do now is run "lilo" to write the new 
configuration to the boot sector.

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