[plug] Apache Access

Matt Kemner zombie at wasp.net.au
Mon Sep 3 21:27:07 WST 2001

On Sun, 2 Sep 2001, Trent Lloyd wrote:

> >And probably chmod 711 ~joel/ as well
> Correct me if  I am wrong but thats bad,

OK, you're wrong.. ;)

On some distros by default home directories are set to mode 700
(read/write/exec to the owner only, NOTHING to others)
In order to access any files or subdirectories of a directory, you need to
have at least execute permissions - hence the 711, which gives others
execute permission only.

Execute permission on a dir means that if they know the name of a
file in that dir, and they have permission to read that file, they can
read it - which is why you should set proper permissions on your files

> >This is because you need to give "others" access to the directory the
> >webpages are stored in.
> I dont believe so

Try it and see - if you set your home directory to mode 700, nobody will
be able to view your webpages stored under public_html

 - Matt

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