[plug] en_GB KDE "trash can"

John Knight anarchist_tomato at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 7 09:07:40 WST 2001

We can re-invent the term here if you lot want to. If we come up with a new 
and better term (hopefully something that's not associated with rubbish), I 
can run it by Thomas Diehl and see if he'll let us (he's the big German in 
charge of "i18n" for KDE).

Personally I'm in favour of changing the term all together as "trash can" 
gives me the *@#$s. Recycle Bin is a better term but I'm sure the majority 
of windoze users would want to escape terms like this if they could (why did 
I join the Linux movement in the first place?).

Get creative!
the en_GB KDE guy. :)

>Leon Blackwell wrote:
> > I'd have to say that I prefer "Rubbish Bin" to "Trash Can", but if
> > you're looking for something that people might find a little more
> > familiar, you might like to consider (please don't hit me now) using
> > "Recycle Bin".  Yes, that's what Windoze uses, but ex-Windoze users
> > will at least find it familiar and consistent.
>Not to mention that it's a bit more descriptive of the actual function.
>I don't know that either trash or rubbish bin is a particularly helpful
>metaphor, maybe the whole concept could do with reworking but exactly
>what would be better I'm not sure.
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