[plug] Using SCP without entering a password interactively

Russell Steicke r.steicke at bom.gov.au
Thu Sep 27 16:05:49 WST 2001

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 03:03:22PM +0800, Greg Mildenhall wrote:
> Not for the encryption, no, but he wants to modify the filesystem of a
> remote host, so I certainly hope there will be a password/passkey saved
> somewhere for purposes of authentication. Read ssh(1). :)

Well, there is a passkey saved, the public key in
remote:.ssh/authorized_keys (copied from local:.ssh/identity.pub), and
the private key in local:.ssh/identity. The whole idea of this is to let
you login without a password.  Of course, it's a good idea that you have
administrative control over both machines, or trust the
administrator(s), but not necessarily the network between.

Once you can login without a password, then having scp able to copy
files doesn't lose you any security but gains a lot in convenience.

All this works here, with the proviso that I have to force protocol
version 1, because due to bad planning (it's all in 2 inch lengths?) my
keys are for version 1 and my ssh daemons default to version 2.

Read ssh(1). :)  (And scp(1).)

> -Greg

Russell Steicke

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