[plug] Compressed filesystems

Ryan ryan at slowest.net
Wed Apr 17 11:45:43 WST 2002

This is from the umsdos documentation:

  If you don't really need dos/win95 compatibility, i.e. if you want 
  to compress Linux-only data, this may not be the software you want. The
  msdos filesystem is extremely unsuited for fast disk access, umsdos suffers
  from it too. The CVF structure msdos uses is even more unsuited, and the
  time required by msdos online compression may kill the rest of Linux'
  performance on these filesystems.

  Just to let you know about some other online compression software for Linux:
  There's a package 'double' available on sunsite for Linux online 
  compression. There are also compression patches for the ext2 filesystem
  available under the name 'hufs' and 'e2compr'. I've also heard about a 
  'zlibc' project which lets you access gzip compressed files as if they were 
  uncompressed - it works by a patched libc. Look at common Linux ftp sites.

  Like dmsdos, all those packages may have their specific advantages and
  disadvantages. Please don't flame at me if the packages don't do what you
  want - I haven't tested them and I don't know anything about their quatilty.

I've never done any of them, but that might help?


On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 11:11:35AM +0800, Brad Campbell wrote:
> Ok, evil thought I know but does anyone know of a compressing
> filesystem for linux. Something like stacker or doublespace?
> Preferably something I could create and mount over a loop device.
> Google thus far has not been my friend.

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