[plug] Knoppix new releases

Milan Pospisil Milan.Pospisil at swantafe.wa.edu.au
Fri Aug 1 13:12:26 WST 2003

Hi Ben,
            Yes, I did try that website, but I could not find what I was looking for. Rumor has it that there were three consecutive releases on 25.7.03, 26.7.03 and 27 .7 03.  I do not know how far is it true and I was hoping to find more about it as well as what might be in these releases.
                                                                  Milan Pospisil

>>>On 08/01/03 12:43pm  plug at jensz.id.au wrote: >>>

>Thats the official site...

>/ Ben

Milan Pospisil wrote:

>Hi Folks,
> I have been searching  the Net for some information about new Knoppix releases - not much joy so far. 
> It is my understanding that there were several releases or updates of Knoppix recently, however, despite quite a bit of effort
> I have not managed to find much abot it.
> Can someone possibly provide some info and/or point me in the right direction?
>                                                                                                                               Thanks
>                                                                                                                                            Milan Pospisil

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