[plug] kernel help

John Knight anarchist_tomato at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 8 15:53:02 WST 2003

G'day all!

I'm having a few problems with my new kernel, I've configured it.... a bit 
squiffy like. Anyway, I can't burn CDs and I'm pretty sure I've set it up 
wrong. that's the primary part of this question, could someone please 
correct my config file (attached) and tell me wha tyou did to get CD-burning 
working (IDE burner btw)?

Of lesser importance, I've not got a working net connetion, eveyrtime pppd 
just dies (debian woody, 2.4.20  kernel) but I think that was what was 
happening when I was using the original kernel (othe end refused to 
authenticate itself). Are there any other debian users here that have 
successfully logged in to cantech? Can soeone check my kernel config to make 
sure it's tickety-boo for that as well?

Of a gimmicky use, is it possible to hit the sleep button on my keyboard and 
having it turn off my monitor and hard drive at night?

Cheers, a lot, seriously. :)

Make lunch, not war.

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