[plug] Harry Protoolis was Jandakot plane crash fataility

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.fdns.net
Thu Aug 14 11:37:31 WST 2003

For those here who knew Harry, maybe through the UCC, through WAIA, or 
having met him in the field...

If I get funereal details in time, I'll post them here pronto.

It also turns out that a workmate of mine's brother should have been the 
pilot flying the plane but was taken off the flight at the last minute.

It took off with a completely full load of fuel for a 2.5-hour Rotto 
flight (not necessary and unusual), and 100% passenger load, so when it 
apparently had engine problems it not only came down faster but made a 
huge fireball when it hit as well.

The survivors are incredibly lucky because Perth's new MedEvac 
helicopter was being tested at Jandakot and was actually in the air 
when they went in. You can't ask for faster service than that.

Cheers; Leon

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