[plug] cistron radius web interface

Adam Hewitt ahewitt at globaldial.com
Fri Aug 15 16:49:08 WST 2003

Hi All,

I have written a cistron radius web interface in python (attached) and I
am having some problems with it and was wondering if anyone could give
me a fix or some pointers. I dont consider myself as a programmer by any
means so the script is probably quite ugly (scripting wise, I know the
interface looks ugly).

Basically if the userlist file doesn't have 2 empty lines at the bottom
of the file then the script dies. If it does have two lines at the
bottom of the file then, and I add a new config then I get *another* new
line at the top...which then creates 2 empty lines in the config, and
subsequently 2 empty configs on the web page.

I will probably have another few questions later such as alphabetizing
the list etc, but I will get to that when the time comes.


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