[plug] OpenOffice.org 1.1

Chris Caston caston at arach.net.au
Sun Aug 17 20:02:31 WST 2003

They made it load faster!!!!!

I must thank the OO.o team this legal high!

On Sun, 2003-08-17 at 11:45, Leon Brooks wrote:
> I've just had a "play" with OOo 1.1b3 (I needed one of its new features 
> for a particular project) and I have to say I'm _seriously_ impressed.
> The spacing of text in menus and the framework stuff looks a little bit 
> odd (too open) but the app itself is blindingly fast compared with 
> 1.0.2 (like 3 seconds startup - with progress bar - instead of over 20) 
> and has a bundle of neato features, all of which seem to work as 
> advertised.
> The feature I needed 1.1 for was Flash export, and that works 
> flawlessly. The only thing I would ask for before using it as an actual 
> presentation technique (ie a portable Impress/PowerPoint replacement) 
> is a way to back up through the presentation. It turned a 
> graphics-heavy 695kB SXI file (Which exports to 709kB of PPT) into a 
> 428kB SWF whose native resolution appears to be about 1000x1000.
> PDF export also works very well, although the files are 10x larger than 
> the Flash and seem to lose the text antialiasing. It exports with the 
> whole page set to the background colour, rather than a rectangle of 
> backround colour on a white true-background as several other systems 
> do. I now have no less than three ways of turning a document into a 
> PDF; via OOo, via CUPS and via SaMBa.
> The window management has also been somewhat unbundled, which works well 
> for me. Instead of having child windows obviously created and managed 
> within OOo itself, I get floating KDE windows for things like the 
> Stylist which of course gives me full KDE featuritis for them and looks 
> more consistent too.
> I'm off to throw the MS-Windows version of it at a customer suffering 
> from multiple independently-failing MS-Office versions. Jacqueline, 
> feel free to do some back-pounding at your next OOo meeting, this is 
> *great*! (-:
> Cheers; Leon
Chris Caston

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