[plug] [OT] Plug Archives and emails address still

Weirdo linuxalien at optusnet.com.au
Sun Aug 24 14:11:21 WST 2003

Googling for my email address on the net to see how far it had travelled I 
came up with a few hits to the plug archive. This shocked me because I 
thought that had been fixed. It turns out that places like my signature and 
Fwds, or REs that include the headers to the old email still have my email 
in them.
So I was wondering wether I should 1) change my signature, 2) who ever 
maintains the archive use a bot to change ALL occurrences of email address 
to the new format?

weirdo AT linuxalien DOT tk
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MSN weirdo AT linuxalien DOT tk

Riverton, Perth, WA

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