wireless (was Re: [plug] Linux thin clients)

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Tue Aug 26 19:51:40 WST 2003

> Yeah, most PCI wireless cards have antenna connectors.
> Decent PCMCIA cards do as well.

Good to hear.

> I'm using an old Unisys thin-client box (P75 based) as my wireless "Access
> Point".  It only has a single ethernet port on-board, and has 1xPCI/1xISA
> slot that can't be used simultaneously[0] which I have an ISA -> 2xPCMCIA
> bridge plugged into with a PCMCIA wireless card in HostAP[1] mode, leaving
> room for a PCMCIA ethernet card if required.

Interesting. What chipset are the wireless cards - Hermes/Orinoco, 
Prism, or something else? I've got an Orinoco in my laptop, but I've 
heard Prism is the way to go for adding AP functions to your firewall.

> If you're going to relocate the antenna a large distance (2m or more) from
> the wireless card, make sure you use suitable low-loss (at microwave
> frequencies) coax.

Thanks for the info - I may well locate it further than that. Especially 
if I get a second wireless NIC (PCI, probably) I can hook up to a 
directional antenna... see if I can hook into perth wireless.

> Both www.wafreenet.org and www.e3.com.au have an abundance of information
> about wireless, and the wireless at innaloo.net mailing list can occasionally
> be helpful too.

Thanks for the info.

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