[plug] "hdc: lost interrupt" - prob with 2.4.20 kernel

Sham Chukoury chukours at ses.curtin.edu.au
Tue Aug 26 21:33:03 WST 2003

On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 20:22, Denis Brown wrote:
> Dear PLUG list members,
> FWIW...   If anyone has had "hdc: lost interrupt" symptoms, as I did this
> afternoon while attempting to copy a large (200+ meg) file from CD-ROM to
> hard disk, you might want to check and upgrade the kernel.   I was using
> 2.4.21 and a hunt on the web revealed others with similar probs, the
> 2.4.20 kernel being implicated.
> Downloaded 2.4.22, compiled and installed -- Problem Solvered (tm)

Yep, was having same prob with 2.4.21. See rant at

At the time, I thought I'd have a go at hacking some kernel code and see
if I could 'Problem Solver (tm)' the situation myself, but I never got
around to doing it. :P

BTW, which IDE controller chipset are you using? Would it be an Intel
PIIXn variant?


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