[plug] How to get off this mailing list

Kimberly Shelt kim at linmagau.org
Thu Aug 28 13:10:52 WST 2003

On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 12:54:34PM +0800, Paul wrote:
> Although i like to read the posts, the amount of traffic on this group is a
> bit of a problem, so can i either limit the amount of traffic, or just tell
> me how to jump ship, so i can make way for the sobig virused mail :P

Hi Paul,

You can get off the list at the plug web pages.. 

Which would be sad.. but if need be, there is a link on those pages as well
to the archives, so you can still come browse at your leisure :)

Else, .procmail (or relevant filter setup in your mailerM$) might be your friend..

web at plug.linux.org.au

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