[plug] Religious debate - editor wars

Tim Bowden bowden at iinet.net.au
Thu Sep 4 17:29:28 WST 2003

Ben New wrote:
> (breaks out into horrendous song....)
> I'm an EEEEDIOT an EEEEEEDIOT that's for suuuuuuure......
> ;-)

Not at all.  Silly mistake perhaps (for those who know how Knoppix 
works) but we all make mistakes or assumptions or forget things that are 
soooo obvious in hindsight that we go red in the face.  If you didn't 
make such mistakes you either 1. wouldn't be human or 2. wouldn't be 
doing anything.  I'd hate for someone to grep the archives for my silly 
questions or statements but what the hell, it's all part of the rich 
tapestry of life.

Tim Bowden

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