[plug] linmagau.org - things to do...

Sham Chukoury chukoury at arach.net.au
Thu Apr 1 11:51:29 WST 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 08:00, Onno Benschop wrote:
> If we take up the suggestion that Senectus made, and run it FOSS
> fashion, (which I take to mean, bazaar style), then I wonder if it would
> be a good idea to outline the things that are involved to get this
> magazine back on its feet without having Kimberley die of a popped blood
> vessel...
> As in:
>       * Writing Articles
>       * Gathering Articles
>       * Editing Articles
>       * Getting publishing permission
>       * Maintaining the calendar
>       * Maintaining server infrastructure
>       * Maintaining accounts
>       * Moderating forums

Woo, I started a revolution. :)

Hmmm, bazaar style sounds almost romantic, but would it work for
linmagau? What I mean is.. what exactly is bazaar style, when it comes
to gathering and publishing online content?

/me looks @ indymedia open publishing page..

Looks like that *might* work.. but in that case, why not just run
linmagau on a wiki?

As for the list Onno prepared, I can probably do some of those things...
- Writing Articles - very occasionally, not often.
- Editing Articles - yep. :)
- Maintaining server infrastructure - yep. :)
- Maintaining accounts - yep. :)
+ Webmonkey


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