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Patrick Tehvand patrick at tehvand.com
Thu Apr 1 12:43:14 WST 2004

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Kirk Turner wrote:

| On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 10:19, Patrick Tehvand wrote:
|>We lodged complaint with TIO and telstra is comming out to meet with us
|>in about a month. Interim solution 2 x 56k analogue connections. I would
|>like to aggregate that.
|>Solution we have come up with is purchase 1751 router (we can get one
|>real cheep) with WIC2T (2 x serial) and plug our two modems into there.
|>some cisco wizardry and we have bonded 2 x 56k connection with the added
|>bonus of just requiring a adsl wic when we finally get it.
| I'm no expert on routers so excuse my ignorance :)
| What would the advantages of using a router to do this rather than
| setting up bonded multilink ppp through linux? Is it just a case of
| hardware vs software level?
Because our heavily customised e-smith box doesnt play well with
multilink. ):

We are planning on getting a router once dsl is provisioned so might as
well get one now.

nothing wrong with setting up a bonded ppp on a throwaway linux box, but
im of the opinion of why bother if i can get a router that does it just
fine and has the capacity to become our adsl router as well.

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