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Uh.. I'm not sure this is such a good idea..
We had set out to lighten the load of a currently up and running "blog/news
site", not redesign it from the ground up...

I think its ok how it is.. we just need to "distribute" the administrative

Just my .02c 

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I confess I am only a casual reader of linmagau. I 
spend most of my time reading "The Economist" : it 
comes with the profession. 
But I think linmagau would be a great wiki: so 
long as it stayed australian. There are no 
shortage of Linux Wikis around - the 
LinuxQuestions one for starters. 
The wonderful thing about linmagau was that it 
told me what was going on linuxally (I invented a 
new word) inside Australia... and that makes 
things alot more interesting. 


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