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Shayne O'Neill shayne at guild.murdoch.edu.au
Fri Apr 2 12:54:25 WST 2004

Excelent :)

You really only need to look at how PJ from Groklaw almost has to fight
volenteers off with a big stick to see that if something is well loved,
the community will bend over backwards to see it continue.

You do good work Kim, keep it up.

Also as a side note: I'm trying to swing some tech writing work atm.

Being a qualified journo AND a qualified computer programmer I should get
off my lazy ass and help out with this linuxmagau thingee.

"Must not Sleep! Must warn others!"
Shayne O'Neill. Indymedia. Fun.

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Kimberly Shelt wrote:

> Hi All,
> Following the threads just too busy right now to contribute..
> I have had a huge number of support emails in the last few days, from all across
> the world.. various editors of mags that I have been in contact withover the last
> year or so.. security companies offering to assist at no charge, people like
> yourselves, offering to assist in anyway they can..
> I understand there is an article on ZDNet.. so I expect my mail box to grow more :)
> So.. tenetaively I am going to spend some time this weekend, figuring out where
> to go from now.. rather than packing it all up :)
> Will keep you all informed.. and be back in mail hopefully tomorrow :)
> Thanks for the support
> Kim
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