[plug] big X news - a /real/ fork with backing

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Thu Apr 8 00:20:40 WST 2004

I don't normally do news posts, but this is _big_ news for anyone using
a *NIX desktop or workstation. X.org has forked XFree86, and appears to
have the major vendors and projects behind it.

They've also released X11R6.7 (R6.6 has been the current for .... as
long as I've been using any *NIX AFAIK). It's beautiful: forked and
cleaned up XFree86, with proper IPv6 (at last!), fixes for the ancient
and crufty included libs problem, and the beginnings of work to fix
RENDER's speed. 

The relnotes:

The only copy of the press release that I can find is on slashdot.org .
It's _definitely_ worth a read.

As someone who has been troubled by some of the long-term issues with
XFree86, I say *woohoo*.

Craig Ringer

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