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skribe skribe at amber.com.au
Fri Apr 9 15:28:13 WST 2004

On Fri,  9 Apr 2004 14:58, James Devenish wrote:

>The "past seminars" are out of date
> because there has been trouble collecting articles/slides from speakers,
> although some recent ones have appeared on speakers' personal websites
> -- something that should be chased up but was obviously forgotten. 

Threaten to break legs.  That's how I got the existing ones up there ;)

>As for the fora...well...that's not so much of an admin
> issue. 

I'm still listed as admin for the support forum though =)

>With regards to the "Web Site" section, yes, some of that could
> be removed due to its age. But although there might be a lot of
> out-of-date news, I'm not sure whether it is good form to actually
> remove those from "the historical record". Although there may be a lack
> of many new submissions, it would seem a shame to withdraw the facility.

It shouldn't be about removing data.  If anything you should add more.  Where 
for instance is the announcement about the recent AGM?  There's a report 
about what happened but nothing before the event.  Where are the links to 
linux distributions and information?  The other WA and Aussie *UGs? It should 
all be about making the site as easy to use as possible and providing as much 
good information as possible otherwise there is no reason to go to the site.

As for the 'Web Site' menu section I'd dump the entire thing. It's either 
repeated elsewhere on the main page, useless or out-of-date.  Anything you 
really want from that menu can be added to the navbars at the top and bottom 
of the site.

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