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Bernd Felsche bernie at innovative.iinet.net.au
Sun Apr 11 17:37:16 WST 2004

On Sunday 11 April 2004 13:34, Chris Caston wrote:
> Does anyone here recommend against using these in case ( no pun
> intended) they cause the motherboard to short more often?

No issues at all.

The mainboard stand-offs are designed to prevent that from shorting
against the  chassis. Make sure that you've not broken the
insulation on some other wiring or have an unconnected lead with
exposed contact touching the chassis.

That works that same way if it's steel. Both conduct electricity.

Al is better at conducting heat (and electricity; not that it
matters because steel conducts well enough) and Al is very much
lighter than steel.

Watch the corners/edges of the Al chassis/frame because that is
sometimes quite sharp and can strip insulation just by dragging an
insulated wire across it. It in doubt, you can get some plastic
edging extrusion and glue it in postion.

If you're building a system, bundle and tie cables so that they
cannot rub against edges.

Having said all that, I should point out that I've involuntarily
donated far more blood per steel case than Al case.

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