[plug] putty for Red Hat Linux 7.3

Leon Blackwell leon at lostrealm.com
Tue Apr 13 19:33:01 WST 2004

Bret Busby wrote:
> I need to use putty.

I've heard this before, but I think it was "But I need to use Windows"


> I need putty, as it apparenly includes a "Log all session output" 
> option, which is needed.

No, you need to log your session output.  Please note the important
difference there.  It always helps to tell people what you're trying to
do if you don't know how to do it.

> >From my understanding, putty allows both the logging of a connect 
> session with a remote system

As Craig has stated, you can use other standard tools for this (such as

> , and,


> the transferral of material between the remote session and the local
> host - allowing for material to both be saved from the remote system
> to the local system

You can use scp for this or, if your server supports it, sftp.

> , and,


> files from the local system, to be put into the session.

I'm not sure what you mean by this.  If you mean ssh tunnelling, you can
do this with plain ol' ssh.  If you're just talking about tranferring
files again, use scp or sftp.

> (from my understanding, vulnerabilities have occurred with openssh,
> and I do not know whether the ssh that I have been using, involves
> openssh)

Vulnerabilities have occurred with PuTTY too.  I don't think there's a
version of ssh that hasn't had to be fixed for something (tough I may be
wrong).  In general, it always pays to be up to date and to knwo what
you're running.

To see if you are running openssh (which you most likely are), use:

# ssh -V

You might also like to switch to, say, debian and do an update/upgrade
every now and then (plug plug  :)

> but I am not aware of anyability to weither log a session, or to allow
> inputting files from the local system, into the session (notsomuch
> into the remote system, as transferring text into the session and out
> of the session).

# man ssh

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