[plug] CPU Cooler Fan for Athlon XP 1600+

Sol Hanna sol at autonomon.net
Wed Apr 14 12:40:38 WST 2004

I have a spare AeroCool CPU fan that I've installed on another Athlon
800 recently and works well. It's for socket 462 (Duron, Athlon, Athlon
XP) - but I don't know what socket Ath1600 take. I got this fan from my
local PC store so they must be widely available. I don't need this fan
and will sell it for $10. If you're interested email me OL.


On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 11:21, Michael Hunt wrote:
> Hiya all,
> Anyone know of a good local source for a CPU Cooler Fan for Athlon XP
> 1600+ ??? Does anyone have any recommendations on manufacturer ???
> This is for my Linux box which has this model CPU in it and which the
> fan is on its way out.
> Hope everyone is having a good day.
> Michael Hunt
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