[plug] smbfs errors talking to NT4

John Usher (Maptek) John.Usher at perth.maptek.com.au
Wed Apr 14 16:39:11 WST 2004

add another blank line to the bottom of your exports file and try again ;-)

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	On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 17:32, John Usher (Maptek) wrote:
	> When we had the need for a windows nfs server on NT4, we used TrueGrid
	> NFS. Its free and works just fine. We never had it kill any of our
	> servers, although obviously I can't promise the same for you.
	It doesn't like mine, unfortunately. The portmapper starts, but the NFS
	server crashes out with an "access violation" (segfault?). *sigh*
	Perhaps it's just time to migrate all my users to Samba...
	> Microsoft Services For UNIX (SFU) 3.5 is now apparently free, but I just
	> had a look and it needs 2000server or better...
	I've also heard from a friend who is a pro network engineer that 3.0, at
	least, used to disable the Kerberos security layer on Windows' Active
	Directory, because of compatibility issues between MS's mangled Kerberos
	and the standard protocol.
	Perhaps (and hopefully) this is no longer the case in 3.5. I have a copy
	lying around, but as you say I don't think it works on NT4. It's also
	/very/ invasive.
	Craig Ringer
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