[plug] Basic understanding about sk_buff packet handling

Parag Nemade cranium2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 14 23:12:12 WST 2004

              As a part of my kernel project i come to
some problems regardiong sk_buff structure
1) i want to add two fields of each 4 bytes in sk_buff
structure what is the effect of it on kernel packet
processing? Is there any -ve effect?
2) if i am going to increase it by 8 bytes then what
will happen to net packet size and its data part? Is
that all will fit in sk_buff?
3) Which is best to include my 2 fields in sk_buff or
include its total value at end of data part?
4) When kernel passes the packet to dest host all
sk_buff fields are also transferred or only packet
header and data?

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