[plug] Resize partitions

John Breen john at johnbreen.id.au
Sun Apr 18 17:02:07 WST 2004

Hi guys

You'd think by now I'd know not to make my /boot partition too small, but I 
have :)

I need to resize it (adding on 10 Meg or so), but it's the first partition 
on my HD, immediately followed by swap then by /.  I don't want to have to 
reinstall, but I'm not sure that parted will do what I need?

Any suggestions?

I had thought of shrinking the /partition and the last partition on my 
drive, making a new partition in the space on the end of the drive, copying 
/ into that, deleting the existing / and swap partitions, growing /boot 
then rebuilding / and swap, but that seems to be a long and somewhat risky 
way to do things, even assuming I had good backups (which I don't :()

Any other suggestions, short of dropping in another HD which leaves unused 
space at the start of hda...



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